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We help leaders, teams, and organizational achieve their goals by creating dynamic and collaborative cultures that promote individual and institutional well-being, cultural awareness, empathetic relationships.

Our human-designed, wellness-centered approach includes Assessment, Education, Training, and Coaching.  
These four components complement each other and provide a pathway for holistic, sustainable growth and change.



Our assessments focus on the inner journey to expand our human capacity and capability to navigate the complex social and cultural challenges in the workplace and communities. Our assessments we provide leaders and teams windows into the experiences of others and mirrors to deepen self-awareness. Our powerful psychometrics provide actionable data and insight to support tangible and sustainable change.



Knowledge is an essential component of the growth process. The more we learn, the more we can create options for ourselves and others. Our approach to education emphasizes collective knowledge production. Vital to our learning process is the use of knowledge from different perspectives and cultural traditions. Leveraging the wisdom from diverse worldviews and lived experiences support equitable representation, processes and outcomes.



Training is an opportunity to identify and develop specific skills to support individual, team, and organizational success. Our training is customized to each client and is heavily influenced by the insights gained from our assessment tools, collective education, and the emotional and cultural intelligence competencies that support human connection. Whether it is leadership, planning facilitation, or communication, we develop your skillsets for internal and external transformation.



We help you bring it all together to achieve your personal and professional goals through coaching. Our coaching philosophy is culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and highly relational. We are collaborative and curious about who our clients are, what they want to achieve, and who they are becoming. Through coaching, we increase your ability to connect authentically, deepen collaboration, and build trust to reach your leadership and equity goals.

Celebrate Suces


 Leaders are being asked to create equitable and emotionally supportive workplace cultures.  Are you prepared for the new challenges? 

Our programs and services support leaders and executives in becoming emotionally and culturally agile, and how to achieve your goals and celebrate success. 

Joyful Teams


Are you experiencing resistance to equity efforts or just need help?  DEI does not have to be divisive, rather a powerful solution for teams. 

We help teams increase workforce well-being,  performance, vitality, and satisfaction.  Happiness and joy are key elements of emotionally and  culturally agile of teams.

Building Trust


 Do you feel marginalized or left out at work? Do people in your organization work well together? Workplace culture is key to organizational vitality.

We seek to transforms individuals and organizations to  become more inclusive, innovative, collaborative. Trust is essential to support an increasingly diverse workforce. 

If you are entrusted with bringing about change, you likely possess the knowledge needed to advance the organization, and you might have a plan — but knowledge is not enough. You have to bring yourself to each interaction in a deeply authentic way. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Doug Conant

Dr. Issac Carter’s coaching has empowered me to step into my own as a woman leader in an authentic and whole way. The valuable tools and learning I have gained from the social emotional intelligence training and his knowledge of establishing equitable systems and practices has given me the means to walk the talk and shape changes which have brought about more inclusivity, equity, and diversity. Dr. Issac Carter’s coaching is intuitive, sharp, and artful and I recommend hiring him if you are seeking a real shift and change in your workplace’s culture and systems.
A. Hughlett


Dr. Carter has a tremendous sense of humor that is needed in this line of work and he is able to connect with any client on a deep level. His endless historical knowledge and creativity allow him to approach workplace conflicts through an emotional intelligence lens as well as a DEI justice lens. I feel like I develop new skills and perspectives and a longer reading list every time I interact with Dr Carter. I’m lucky to have met such an expansive thinker/coach and community builder.

Z. Ritter

VP Leadership Development

Dr. Carter has been an invaluable coach, teacher and partner in our organization’s ongoing DEI and SEI journey. His mastery of complex and emotional subject-matter pairs seamlessly with his ability to meet people wherever they are along the spectrum of intercultural development. Without judging or shaming, Dr. Carter skillfully and patiently supports each person’s growth process while simultaneous advancing organizational shifts towards a clearly identifiable future state. Equally important, Dr. Carter is authentically motivated by a deep sense of community, equality and justice.
C. Maze

Executive Director