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We provide fully customized solutions to leaders, teams, educators, and school

administrators that are guided by Emotional and Cultural Intelligence.


Leaders are being called out for discrimination and supporting toxic workplace cultures.  The public outcry can hurt your bottom line. Are you prepared to lead diversity and inclusivity efforts in your organization? 

Leadership is never a neutral affair, especially when attempting to address diversity and inclusion. Our coaching programs support leaders and executives in becoming inclusive and culturally agile. Creating workplace cultures free of bias and discrimination requires informed, engage, and responsible leadership. We work 1:1 with C-suite leadership, department heads, and managers to increase their capacity to transform their organizations.


Are you tired of the resistance to diversity and inclusivity efforts?  Did you know that racial and gender diversity increases profits?  Are you tired of losing talent due to patterns of discrimination?

Building strong teams to lead D&I initiatives is highly recognized as a best practice. Diversifying talent pools, creating strategic plans for equity, and providing ongoing learning opportunities fosters inclusive and equitable workplace cultures. We help organizations embrace diversity and inclusivity to realize significant increases in workforce productivity, learning outcomes, decision-making effectiveness, and overall revenue growth.

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BIPOC & Ally

 Do you feel marginalized or left out at work? Are you frustrated witnessing the revolving door when hiring specific populations? Are you encouraged to not talk about discrimination? Do you wish you could do more?

Living and working in a world that does not embrace differences can feel both isolating and hostile. Non-inclusive work environments can fuel forms of trauma, racial battle fatigue, imposter syndrome, and hypervisibility. Coaching Imperative transforms individuals by providing education, strategy, and coaching to combat structural workplace discrimination by supporting collectivity,  collaboration, and change.

If you are entrusted with bringing about change, you likely possess the knowledge needed to advance the organization, and you might have a plan — but knowledge is not enough. You have to bring yourself to each interaction in a deeply authentic way. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Doug Conant