Our Story

The Coaching Imperative fully recognizes the historical legacies bringing us to this moment and the significance of these times (#MeToo, #WomensMarch, #Black Lives Matter, #Say Her Name, #DREAMers, #socialjustice). Founded by Issac M. Carter, Ph.D.,  the Coaching Imperative consists of an intersectional group of talented and strategic, justice centered people dedicated to supporting the cultural transformation of individuals and institutions.  With over 60 years of combined experience, we help leaders, teams and organizations by offering Cultural Transformation Coaching that emphasizes adaptive leadership, cultural literacy and agility, critical education, and building a mindful practice.  We work with C-suite leadership, higher education faculty, K-12 educators, non-profit managers, marginalized community members, purposeful professionals, and allies who share the imperative of transforming their homes, communities, houses of worship, schools, and businesses.