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Diversity is the solution of our time, and Emotional and Cultural Intelligence is the solution.  Combining EQ and CQ equips people, teams, leaders organizations, and communities with the power to take on the challenges of our collective humanity and cultivate inclusive and empowered individuals, workforces, organizations, and communities.

All our present struggles with respect to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, struggles over the environment, global warming, severe climate change, the sharply unequal distribution of the earth resources —these are all differing facets of the central ethnoclass Man vs. Human struggle.” – S. Wynter

Coaching Imperative partners with organizational leaders, professionals and communities to help them reach their equity goals. With over 25 years of experience, education, teaching, coaching, and consulting, our customized, evidence-based approach grounded in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Cultural Intelligence (CQ) gets the results our partners need.

Issac M. Carter

Issac M. Carter

Founder and CEO

Issac M. Carter, Ph.D. is a Critical Educator, DEI Strategist & Coach, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Certified EQ Practitioner, BIPOC Whisperer, Black Male Feminist, Organizer, and Musician. Dr. Carter possesses expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, and inclusion, and equity best practices. For over two decades, he has steered change management in for-profit and not–for–profit sectors. Issac helps individuals and institutions understand, embrace, and leverage diversity by developing D&I strategy, team building, and one-to-one cultural agility coaching.

His training incorporates Anti-Racism, Intersectionality, and Leadership Success, and Organizational Development. Dr. Carter has taught courses in Education, Business, Law, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Collective knowledge production, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and social justice action are core components of his teaching philosophy. Issac’s experience includes several senior-level roles focused on personal and professional development.  His Afrocentric approach to coaching focuses on reclaiming our shared humanity and realizing our collective potential.  Beyond DEI, coaching focus areas include happiness, goal setting and success, continual improvement for leaders and managers, life purpose, and team coaching.

Dr. Carter is an author and co-editor of Unhooking from Whiteness, Brill, 2021 and a contributor, “Counter-Narratives as a Critical Invitations for Change: Race Centered Policy Making and Backlash @ Peculiar Institutions,” appearing in The Peculiar Institution: Whiteness, Power and Resistance to Change, Palgrave MacMillan, 2021. His recent work also includes: Critical Interfaith and the Struggle for Truth: Racism, Religion and Black Liberty. He is currently working on projects exploring emotional intelligence and higher education, and Black Musicking, Identity and Emotions.

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