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Success To and Through College

Why College Coaching

The six-year rate at public schools is 58%. At private colleges and universities, 65% earn a degree in that time. Overall, only about 62% of undergraduates earn their degrees in six years. Those who don’t graduate face debt, poor job prospects, and, in some cases, severe self-doubt on their ability to obtain a college degree. You can protect your educational investment by gaining the benefits of college coaching.

benefits of college coaching

Increase the likelihood of graduation in four or six years.

Improve academic performance and campus engagement.

Development of personal retention and success program.

Enhance career prospects and expand professional networks.

Anticipate challenges and minimize the impact on goal attainment.

Increase emotional intelligence and cultural competency.

Better quality of life and well-being by aligning values with life pursuits.

First Year Success Skills

We help you to develop skills in areas such as organization, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, goal setting, time management and more. You and a member of our team create and follow a set coaching schedule personalized to your needs. Executive functioning skills allow you to achieve the goals you set. Our coaches will help you define your goals and implement learned strategies to accomplish them. We hold you accountable to keep you on task and set you up for success.


Planning; Organization; Prioritizing; Scheduling; Time Management; Overcoming Procrastination; Accountability; and Task Initiation; Problem Solving

 Navigate the Campus With EQ

 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is significantly associated with adjustment to university which in turn was significantly associated with the first year GPA.  In addition, stress management key to supporting students navigate the ups and downs of college life. It is important to note that EQ plays an important role in supporting overall student success in college. 


Effectiveness, Decision Making, Navigating Emotions; Problem Solving; Quality of Life and Wellness, and Productive Relationships. 

Align & Thrive in a Global Society

Connecting oneself and one’s new ideas with others, the community and the world of work builds confidence, deepens opportunities, and maximizes success. We help prepare clients for the demands of our diverse society that requires inclusive leadership, intercultural communications, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and an increasing understanding of the possibilities of a life-long praxis of civic engagement.


Life Purpose, Financial Literacy, Happiness, Leadership for Social Change, Relationship, Graduate School, Managing Stress, Health and Wellness, Civic Engagement