The Imperative Approach

Coaching for a Higher Purpose, Creating a Better World!

We believe Cultural and Emotional Intelligence are vital to reaching your individual and organizational goals!  

As your partner, we help leaders, teams, institutions of learning, and systems become more aware, skilled, and caring. Our approach goes beyond traditional Leadership and DEI programming. We believe in the human capacity to empathetic to others by increasing our awareness of ourselves and others, becoming more intentional in our thoughts and actions, being inclusive in our decision making, and developing the courage to be a catalyst for change. Our human centered, data-driven practices foster liberty, prosperity, and well-being. Being hands-on and practical, we focus first on the inner journey to expand the capacities and capabilities of individuals and teams to prepare individuals to lead, influence and collaborate effectively across culture. 

Combining Cultural Intelligence CQ and Emotional Intelligence, EQ supports growth and development in many key areas, including:

  • Leadership Capacity
  • Organizational Vitality
  • Team Building: Trust, Inclusion, Belonging
  • Collaboration, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Intercultural Communications & Competence
  • Decision Making and Critical Thinking
  • Identity Development and Intersectionality

With over 25 years of leadership and equity experience,  our customized, evidence-based approach connects feeling, knowing, being, and doing to holistic leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We offer support through four service areas: Assessment, Education, Training, and Coaching.

AETC Model of Engagement

Our focus on the inner journey expands your capabilities and increases your capacity to navigate the complex social and cultural challenges in the workplace and communities. The assessments we offer provide individuals and teams windows into the experiences of others and mirrors to deepen your self-awareness.  These powerful psychometrics provide invaluable data and insight into individuals and institutions. Our assessment tools help leaders to measurably improve and teams enhance their performance.

Knowledge is an important component of the growth process.  The more we learn, the more we are able to create options for ourselves personally and professionally.  Our approach to education emphasizes collective knowledge production. Essential to our learning process is the use of knowledge from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and cultural traditions. We then leverage the wisdom that comes from a variety of worldviews and lived experiences.

Training is an opportunity to identify and develop specific skills to support your individual or institutional goals.  Whether it is intercultural communication, conflict management, facilitation, or strategic planning, we support developing your skillsets for internal and external transformation.  Our trainings are customized to each client and are heaving influenced by the areas identified from learning, as well as the insights gained from our assessment tools.

Through coaching, we help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Our coaching philosophy is culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and highly relational. We are collaborative and curious about who our clients are, what they want to achieve, and who they are becoming. We help people become more effective as a source of influence and inspiration as a leader and team member.  Through coaching we increase your ability to connect authentically, deepen collaboration, build trust and reach your leadership and equity goals.

Issac M. Carter

Issac M. Carter

Founder and CEO

Issac M. Carter, Ph.D., is a Critical Educator, Human Capacity Coach, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Strategist, Certified EQ and CQ Assessor and Practitioner, BIPOC Whisperer, Black Male Feminist, Organizer, and Musician. Issac helps individuals and institutions understand, embrace, and leverage diversity by developing emotionally and culturally agile individuals and organizations. Dr. Carter possesses expertise in developing authentic human connections, increasing influence, and leveraging tensions to identify creative solutions. For over two decades, he has steered change management in for-profit and not–for–profit sectors.

His training incorporates  Intersectionality, Leadership Success, and Organizational Development. Dr. Carter has taught courses in Education, Business, Law, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Collective knowledge production, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and social justice action are core components of his teaching philosophy. Issac’s experience includes several senior-level roles focused on personal and professional development.  His Afrocentric approach to coaching focuses on reclaiming our shared humanity and realizing our collective potential.  Beyond DEI, coaching focuses on wellness, goal setting and success, continual improvement for leaders and managers, life purpose, and team coaching.

Dr. Carter is an author and co-editor of Unhooking from Whiteness, Brill, 2021 and a contributor, “Counter-Narratives as a Critical Invitations for Change: Race Centered Policy Making and Backlash @ Peculiar Institutions,” appearing in The Peculiar Institution: Whiteness, Power and Resistance to Change, Palgrave MacMillan, 2021. His recent work includes Critical Interfaith and the Struggle for Truth: Racism, Religion, and Black Liberty. He is currently working on projects exploring Afrocentric  Coaching, emotional intelligence and higher education, and Black Musicking, Identity, and EQ.

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