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Success is Getting What you Want.

Happiness is Wanting What You Get.

-Dale Carnegie 

What is Coaching Imperative's Philosophy?

We believe that every individual possesses unique gifts, and the goal of coaching is to help individuals discover their gifts and maximize their potential.  Coaching helps people identify, prepare, and take advantage of the possibilities, and in many cases, helps you create new opportunities.  Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Competency are core pillars of our coaching philosophy.

How Do I Know if Coaching Is Right for Me?

Do you want to make changes in your life?  Do you need help?  If your answer are yes, then you can benefit from coaching. Changing one’s life is not about the obstacles that stand in the way, it is about how a person views these obstacles, how they see themselves, and what they are willing to change.

Do You work with organizations?

In addition to working with individuals, we work with teams and organizations.  We provide support to organizations by guiding strategic planning processes, hiring initiatives, anti-racism training, gender equality advocacy, and ongoing coaching for executives and team leaders. Coaching Imperative offerings are fully customizable, intersectional and interactive.

Do You Offer Ongoing coaching Services?

Coaching Imperative prefers to engage organizations for periods between 6 – 12-months. Working with organizations for longer intervals helps to ensure change initiatives are sustainable. We work with your organization between 12-15 hours a month during the contract period, which can be renewed annually. We also provide ongoing coaching to individual staff members. Our work with individuals includes assessing emotional intelligence and cultural competency.

What do your offer for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

The diversity of our society requires a complex understanding of inequality, culture, and power. To lead requires cultural literacy, fluency, and adaptability. Our Cultural Transformation process includes education, training, and coaching. We help both individuals and organizations identify cultural gaps, plan intervention efforts, and create accountability systems. Overall we help you cultivate a workplace culture that is culturally responsive, inclusive, and transformational.