"If we don't do our work, we become work for other people."

- Lama Rod Owens
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We partner with people to co-design experiences to enhance their ability to create change in their lives.

Issacs’s coaching helped me hone in on my values, what was/is truly important to me.  As a result, I have been able to identify strategic areas to focus my efforts on that resonated with the projects’ collective leadership that also helped refine our overall organizational focus. . The work is still moving forward, community leadership are stepping up and into roles and as a result I have been able to step back and be joyfully overwhelmed with coaching my 8 year’s old little baseball team. Behavioral Specialist

J. Braggs

Behavioral Specialist

Dr. Carter’s approach to coaching, including emotional intelligence assessments, strengthens self-awareness and confidence that informs and serves my personal and professional goals. As a consultant, Dr. Carter showed a level of commitment and investment that was critical to our organization through a significant transition. As a colleague, Dr. Carter is professional, prepared, passionate and also a lot of fun to work with. His experience, expertise, and passion is present in all he does.

M. Wexler

Non-Profit Project Manager

Dr. Carter takes a critical approach in working with clients analyzing their historical, cultural, and social emotional experiences and how it impacts the way they show up in different environments. Through the support of Dr. Carter, I was able to name my experiences and unpack my reactions to distinct situations in order to understand how I should instead respond. He places emphasis on emotional intelligence as a foundation necessary to approach the complexity of the experiences clients will have in a variety of spaces.
R. Amaya

STEM Teacher