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Intercultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence are essential to achieving your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Goals.

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Chief Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Coaching Imperative helps organizations jump-start their culture of inclusivity through strategic planning, inclusive leadership, talent management, team building, and culturally responsive training programs that advance the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

  • Reviewing current practices and policies, analyzing and identifying equity gaps
  • Collecting and analyzing data to evaluate and develop organizational performance goals and key DEI KPI’s
  • Creating ongoing competency-based DEI coaching programs to promote inclusive leadership and sustain an inclusive culture

 Executive Equity Coaching

Executive Equity Coaching is a customized approach that combines the transformational power of coaching and leadership with emotional and cultural intelligence. We utilize cutting edge assessments along with culturally responsive training design to develop inclusive leaders prepared to support the 21st-century workforce. Race, gender, sexuality, class, age, faith, ability, language, and educational background are not challenges but rather opportunities to create inclusive organizational cultures characterized by diverse decision-making, productivity, and high employee engagement levels.

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Assessing Cultural Adaptability

Intercultural competence has been identified as a critical skill for the future of work in a global society. The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences. The IDI helps people and groups gain insight into their intercultural competence, clarify intercultural goals, and increase intercultural competence. In addition to the assessment results IDI participants receive an individual development plan (IDP). This IDP is specifically customized to your own IDI profile results and is an effective way for you to increase your skills in navigating cultural differences. A wide range of organizations and educational institutions use the IDI.  

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Coaching Imperative is a Preferred Partner with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network and certified to administer and assess the Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®)This suite of well-validated, practical tests measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action professionally and personally. Used in over 150 countries in business, higher education, Non-Profits, and K-12, the SEI meets a broad range of consulting, training, coaching, selection, and development needs. Organizations from FedEx to Qatar Airways to the U.N. have benefited from the SEI’s best-in-class blend of psychometrics, real-world practicality for a wide range of applications, locally and globally.


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DEI Work Group Coaching

Employees of color, women, and individuals from the LGBTQ community often experience a psychological or emotional tax within organizations attempting to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Work Group Belonging Coaching relieves marginalized populations’ (BIPOC, Women, LBGTQA) burdens by providing a structure and framework that addresses power and privilege and develops participatory allyship and accountability. Utilizing the Group Version of the IDI helps build diverse and collaborative working groups centered on developing sustainable DEI practices which are paramount for organizational success and creating climates of belonging.

Intercultural Conflict Management

Conflict occurs all around us, in every industry, organization, school, and home. However, if handled adeptly, conflict can be a source of great energy and innovation. A key component of conflict is communication; this is especially true in cross-cultural situations. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and problems across cultures are often grounded in different approaches people take to resolve difficulties. The ability to recognize and effectively respond to cultural differences in communication and conflict styles is critically essential. The Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) Inventory increases cultural self-understanding and other-understanding—of diverse approaches and techniques to resolve conflict

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