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Emotional & Cultural Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  plays a critical role in many aspects of leadership including handling stress, developing relationships and creativity. It is a universal language of leadership.  Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to work effectively in culturally diverse situations. Combined EQ and CQ help leaders leverage the power of diversity and respond to the adaptive challenges of leadership in a global society.  Coaching Imperative works with leaders to improve their emotional and cultural competency.


Artists connect us with the human story, and the best leaders demonstrate the capacity to do the same. Leaders who embrace the art of leadership understand that leadership is not a right or an entitlement; it must be shown consistently, refined, and earned. The artful leader maximizes their gifts by working in rhythm with others. Through activity, case study and coaching we help leaders to improve their ability to express ideas authentically without limiting the expression of others.

Equity Minded
Decision Making

Decision making drives performance and diverse teams make better decisions.   Culturally responsive decision-making recognizes the power of diversity and inclusivity.  Equity mindedness, representational equity, and resource equity are essential elements of decision making in an organization. Leaders who can embrace and leverage diversity are able to increase the success of organizations.