Measure What Matters:

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Assessments can help you or your organization identify areas of improvement and potential growth.  By taking a comprehensive approach, you can get an accurate picture of your individual or organizational strengths and areas for improvement, which help you develop actionable plans for transformation and change.

SEI Leadership Report (SEI LP) —a best-in-class tool that delivers clear feedback and a path for using EQ to improve the people-side of leadership in schools, businesses, and non-profits.

SEI Brain Profiles (BP) — While many emotional intelligence tests and psychological profiles focus on behavior, these tools look at the drivers. Brain Style is about capability. 

SEI 360 Multi-rater (SEI360) —The SEI 360 is an in-depth, multi-rater feedback tool that provides clear, valuable feedback in a framework for action.

Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) — powerful online 360 feedback tool used for accelerating change and strengthening leadership. 

Team Vital Signs (TVS) — is the best-in-class tool to measure and improve the people-side of team performance and delivers accurate insight into team climate

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) — premier cross-cultural assessment tool used to build intercultural competence and cultural intelligence to achieve DEI goals and outcomes for both individuals and groups.

The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) — is a cross-culturally validated assessment of an individual’s approach to communicating, resolving conflicts, and solving problems. 

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) — Our CQ Assessments measure an individual’s capability to work and relate effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

Cultural Values Profile (CV) — Cultural Values are personal preferences that remain relatively stable over time.  Our Cultural Values Profile measures personal preferences that influence your approach to life, school, and work