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Easily turn individual and team data into success for yourself and your organization.

Individual Assessments

SEI Leadership ReportSEI LR delivers clear feedback and a path for using EQ to improve the people-side of leadership.

Brain Talents ProfileBased on emotional intelligence research with thousands of leaders, the Brain Talent Profile provides a snapshot of your top brain talents.

Leadership 360The Leadership Vital Signs is a powerful online 360 feedback tool used for accelerating change and strengthening leadership.

Intercultural DevelopmentThe Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)The CQ Assessment is a research-based inventory that helps participants understand their cultural intelligence (CQ) by measuring their skills in four distinct areas.

Cultural Values Profile (CVP)The CVP measures an individual’s personal cultural value orientations across ten cultural value dimensions.

CQ 360Personalized feedback reports compare personal CQ scores with the worldwide norms and observer rated CQ scores and includes a personalized development plan.

Team & Organizational Assessments

Team Vital SignsCaptures essential indicators of team health and offers offers feedback towards peak performance.

Educational Vital SignsProvides a snapshot of the school or classroom climate, and identifies areas  for sustained success. 

Group  EQ DashboardThe Dashboard provides meaningful insight into a group’s overall emotional intelligence.

Intercultural Development Group ProfileProvides valuable information about the mindset/skillset toward cultural difference and commonality found within an identified group.

Cultural Values Group Profile  – Help your group identify their own preferred approach to life and work and how those preferences compare to others in the group.

Organizational Vital Signs (OVS)Answers essential questions: What people-side factors are driving or limiting performance? Where are opportunities for growth?  How can you leverage EQ to improve performance and climate?

CQ 360 Group ReportThis CQ Group Report provides the aggregate results of the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) ratings and the Individual Cultural Value orientations of the group.

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