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Executive Leadership & Equity Coaching

When leaders are equipped with emotional and cultural intelligence, they are better prepared to effectively lead and work with culturally diverse people. Culturally and emotionally agile leaders are able to make culturally responsive decisions,  help employees and team understand their emotions to work well with with each other, build trust and support individual, team and organizational success. Our comprehensive approach provides assessments, education, training and coaching to transform leaders.

Organizational Health & Vitality

Coaching Imperative helps leaders, teams, and organizations build inclusive cultures of belonging to fuel success, trust, and joy. Our comprehensive approach is guided by actionable data that measures key indicators of organizational climate, opportunities for optimal team performance, and insight into leadership effectiveness through the lenses of emotional and cultural intelligence.

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Culture Change Coaching

Research has found that employees of color, women, individuals from the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups often experience negative bias, stress and anxiety in the workplace.  Culture Change Work Group are an excellent opportunity to promote organizational culture change. We utilize individual and group assessments to cultivate inclusive climates of belonging by building self-awareness, increasing cultural competence, and further developing individuals ability facilitate collaboratively and share leadership. 

Culture, Conflict & Emotional Intelligence

Conflict occurs all around us, in every industry, organization, school, and home. However, if handled adeptly, conflict can be a source of great energy and innovation. Key components of successful conflict are communication, cultural values and emotional intelligence.  Our services helps leaders and teams effectively respond to cultural differences by increasing cultural self-understanding and empathy for others to leverage creative and cultural tensions in the workplace.

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