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Strategic Planning for Diversity

Create a comprehensive and sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity plan. Provide a compelling vision, define a strategy, set priorities, and execute short and long-term action plans informed by critical theory, cross-industry best practices, and the experiences of stakeholders of the organization.  We work with organizations to develop, implement and measure the effectiveness of strategic planning efforts.  

 Talent & Team 

Diversity within teams fosters innovation and growth, which is essential to organizational sustainability. Creating work groups to implement, assess, and continually refine organizational strategies to ensure diverse and inclusive recruitment, professional development, and promotion practices is imperative. We believe in keeping it simple.  Diverse teams make better decisions and help to create more inclusive work environment.

Deep Organization Learning 

Offer customized programs that engage leaders and teams in self-reflection and learning that promote collaboration and innovation. Develop deep understanding of the factors that impede successful teamwork including unconscious bias, unawareness of privilege, and power imbalances to create an inclusive, growth-oriented, and high performing learning organization.  Coaching Imperative offers fully customizable learning experience and group assessments that are intersectional and interactive.